Scandinavian Winner Show 2020


How do I qualify?

FIFe Scandinavian Winner Show is open for cats of fully recognized breeds and house cats belonging to individual FIFe members. Cats exhibited at the FIFe Scandinavian Winner Show must satisfy one of the requirements in the 13 months period prior to the Scandinavian Winner Show. 

Kittens in class 12 (4-7 months) must have achieved: 

  • 1 x Excellent 1 (EX 1)

Juniors in class 11 (7-10 months) must have achieved: 

  • 1 x Best in Variety (BIV) or 
  • 1 x Best in Show nomination (NOM) or 
  • 3 x Excellent 1 (EX 1) 

Adult cats in classes 7-10 must have achieved: 

  • 3 x Excellent 1 in classes 11 - 12 or
  • 1 x Best in Variety in classes 7 - 12 or 
  • 1 x Best in Show nomination in classes 7 - 12

Adult cats in classes 1- 6, which have obtained the title International Champion/Premier or higher, are automatically qualified.

Domestic cats must have achieved: 

  • 1 x Best in Show nomination (NOM) or 
  • DSM title 

or obtained one of the following titles:

International Champion / International Premier, or higher.

The qualification period is from 25th March 2019 with regard to BIV, NOM or BIS.

There is no time limit for IC /IP or higher.

The qualification for the Scandinavian Winner Show is checked and confirmed by the National Federation or Club where the exhibitor holds his membership.


Each cat winning at the Best in Show will receive the title Scandinavian Winner (SW). The winning cats will have their title registered in their pedigree in the same way as other official FIFe titles.

You can not enter cats to class 13, 15, 16, 17 or 18 to Scandinavian Winner show.

Qualification and other data are checked and validated by the exhibitor’s national FIFe-member or club. 

You can enter your cat before it’s qualified. The qualification can be done to the weekend before the show. 

Entry period

Please note that the entry period is open from January 15th 2020 until March 20th 2020
Enter your cat(s) via online application in NRR Min Katt (My Cats)
Entry fee per cat is €60/NOK600.

The entry is not valid until the online entry application is accepted and the entry fee has been paid. If your cat does not meet the necessary qualification requirements in time, the entry fee will not be refunded.  

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Please be adviced that due to

technical problems with our

payment system, we have to

postpone the start date for

entries till Janary 15th.

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